I’ve tried countless amounts of gluten-free products over the years, and I’ve found so many I love (and a few that I hate). Below, I’ve listed my favorite products within categories to further help you choose gluten-free in your life. I’m constantly updating the list, and I would also love to hear feedback from you guys!


Brazi bites

Brazi Bites are one of my favorites! These Brazilian cheese bites come frozen in the bag and only takes 20 minutes in the oven. Perfect as a snack, with dinner, or in the lunch box!

Against the grain baguette

Gluten-free bread is hard, but gluten-free baguettes are harder. However, these Against the Grain Baguettes tastes amazing, especially after 45 sec in the microwave.


gluten-free products: Donuts

If you find yourself craving a donut on a gluten-free diet, look no further. These Kats Donuts are honestly one of the best-tasting donuts I’ve ever had (My grandmas are better, but that’s about it)


gluten-free products: almond flour

Almond flour is always great to keep in your pantry. I use this from Bob’s Red Mill. Check out this recipe using almond flour.

gluten-free products: flour blend

When I need gluten-free flour to be as close to wheat flour as possible I usually use Toro’s gluten-free light flour blend. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find it anywhere else than in Norway and Sweden, so I usually bring some back when I visit home.

Tapioca flour is also something you should keep in your pantry, especially if you like to make and bake your own gluten-free food. This one from Bob’s Red Mill is a good one.


La Choy has many gluten-free products! This soy sauce is the one I use the most. I use it to make fried rice or my homemade teriyaki sauce. Versatile, and gluten-free of course.

La Choy has many gluten-free products, and they also have a gluten-free lite soy sauce with less sodium than the regular one.

Coconut aminos are a great substitute for soy sauce. I use this one from BetterBody Foods. It’s not only gluten-free but also soy-free, so it’s great for people that may not have soy.