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Hello! My name is Guro Rambjoer. I’m born and raised in a small town outside of Oslo, Norway, but I currently live in Orlando with my fiancĂ© Enzo, living on a gluten-free diet.

Pictured is me holding a gluten-free macaroon

I’ve always been a very active girl, and growing up I played handball and golf, as well as skiing with my family during the wintertime. I loved my active lifestyle, but between the ages of 6 and 10, I was struggling with stomach pain, fatigue, headaches, and nausea.

I was so young during this period of my life that I don’t remember too well how we found out, but around the age of 10, I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Gluten-free cardboard

In the first few months, and maybe even years, I mostly lived on very clean, whole foods such as meat, chicken, rice, and veggies, very little sauces and dressings. If I ever visited a restaurant, I would eat a dressing-free salad. Gluten-free products were still pretty bad, and most bread tasted like cardboard, and gluten-free pasta was virtually non-existing. I have to admit, the first few years were pretty sad. I could still remember the taste of non-gluten-free products, and I would get sad when I didn’t get to eat my favorite foods from my “previous life” (lol, dramatic, I know).

But my mom was very determined on giving me yummy, gluten-free food, and she eventually perfected the gluten-free pizza crust, and life was suddenly okay again for 12-year old Guro

Gluten-free, but not symptom-free

Fast forward about 10 years. I’m now 25 years young, living my best life. Or at least so I thought! Some of my symptoms ARE BACK!

The gluten-free market has exploded, and nearly every restaurant and grocery store have a wide variety of gluten-free options. I can eat pasta, bread (though still cardboard at times, I will get back to this in a later blog post), pizza, dressings, you name it, almost everything can be made gluten-free nowadays.

So, with all these improvements in the gluten-free world, why am I still feeling the symptoms?

One may lead to another

I recently learned that the later the age of the celiac diagnosis, the greater the risk of developing another autoimmune disorder. After I started feeling some of the symptoms again, mostly fatigued and stomach pain, I eliminated dairy from my diet. And to my huge disappointment, it seemed to work! You see, I LOVE cheese, and I’m just not sure how I can give up such love. Follow your heart right? Well, my heart says try all the cheese in the world.

Pictured are gluten-free cheeses and fruits


So, with my celiac disease, potential lactose intolerance, and love for fitness I’m sharing delicious gluten-free (and sometimes lactose-free, insert eye-roll here) recipes and my fitness journey. I’ll be listing some of my favorite gluten- and lactose-free products under the products tab. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and let me know in the comment section if you have any questions! I also have an Instagram, follow me here



  • Justin

    Long time supporter, and thought I’d drop a

    Your wordpress site is very sleek – hope you don’t mind me asking what
    theme you’re using? (and don’t mind if I steal it? :P)

    I just launched my site –also built in wordpress like yours– but the theme
    slows (!) the site down quite a bit.

    In case you have a minute, you can find it by searching for “royal cbd” on Google (would appreciate any
    feedback) – it’s still in the works.

    Keep up the good work– and hope you all take care of yourself during the coronavirus scare!

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